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The association

GreenBees’ activities are dedicated to the promotion of cultural diversity since 2007.

GreenBees gathers people, who share the same vision, and who wish to promote respectful relationships between men, the cultures and the planet.

We enter in partnership with other charity organisations when they wish to work, side by side with us, on the broad topic of the promotion of cultural diversity.

Our interventions vary :

- Transfer of educational tools: Right from the start, we have used and developped many educational tools (co-operative games, tales, activity sheets, Kamishibai), always put at the disposal of our partners.

- Organisation of workshops: These workshops are to take place either at or outside of school, but can also be meant for an adult public. They can be related to cultural diversity, a better “live together”, culture of peace.

- International drawing contest: Each year, GreenBees organizes a contest on a topic related to cultural diversity. In 2011, more than 250 drawings were received from 16 country. They formed all together a great mosaic illustrating tens of cultures from all around the world.

- Support of intercultural projects : In co-operation with local actors and preserving their autonomy, GreenBees backs intercultural projects on an international scale.

The four pilars of our actions :

  1. Cultural exchanges
  2. Solidarity
  3. Respect towards the other
  4. Respect for the earth

You can also have a look at our association Charter.