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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of the drawing contest to be held between 1st February and 21st May 2016.

Article 1

GreenBees, an international solidarity organisation, registered in Corbie 80800, 7 Place Roger Salengro, France, organises a drawing contest. For 2016, you are invited to illustrate the following topic:

“A PARTY FOR ALL! Imagine a party that leaves no-one behind”

It aims to promote discussions about cultural diversity through the creation of drawings.

Article 2

The drawing contest is open to all, adults and children, from the age of 5. The participation in this contest is free and does not involve any obligation to be a member of the association. Competition is only open to individuals. Only one drawing per person is permitted.

Article 3

It is recommended to make the drawings on a horizontal A4 in size, in order to prevent it from being reduced or cut accidently. As this contest is international, it is best not to write on the drawings.

Article 4

If the participation in the contest is organised through a school or any other kind of organisation, one drawing per person can be entered out as competition is only open to individuals.

Article 5

A participation form must accompany each drawing. The full name of the participant, as well as his or her address and age must be filled in if the participation is individual. If the participation is organised through a school or any other kind of organisation, the name and address of the institution, if required the class and the name of the teacher, can be also given. A specimen form is available on our website. The drawing and the participation form must be sent:

  • If by post mail, before 15th April 2016 to association GreenBees, 7 Place Roger Salengro, 80800 Corbie, France.
  • If by email, before 30th April 2016 to the electronic address indicated in the website, provided that the quality of the file allows an acceptable print out in the A4 format.
  • If by electronic submission, before 30th April 2016, through the website, provided that the quality of the file allows an acceptable print out in the A4 format.

Article 6

The drawings will be allocated to one of the following categories, according to the age of the participant:

  • Age 5 - 6
  • Age 7 - 8
  • Age 9 - 12
  • Age 13 - 17
  • Age over 18

For each age category, 12 drawings, selected for their artistic quality and their relevance to the topic, will be chosen by a team of GreenBees members. These 60 drawings will then be submitted to a jury which will select, for each category, the two winning drawings.

Article 7

The jury will be made up with persons outside of the association, all being either:

  • Teachers or educators
  • Artists
  • Representatives of organisations promoting cultural diversity

Article 8

The members of the jury will independently judge each of the 60 drawings, allocating a mark from 0 to 10, according to following criteria:

  • Relevance to the topic: 0 to 5
  • Artistic merit: 0 to 5

The winning drawings will be those which will have attained, within their category, the highest marks. In the event of a draw, the jury will deliberate in order to decide between the winners.

Article 9

There is no material prize for this contest.

Article 10

The winners, as well as all participating schools and organisations, will receive a poster of the mosaic as a “thank you” gift.

Article 11

This contest will run as follows:

  • 1st February 2016 : Opening of the contest
  • 15th April 2016 : Last day to send the drawings by post
  • 30th April 2016 : Last day to send the drawings by email
  • 5th May 2016 : 60 selected drawings are shown on the website
  • 21st May 2016 : The 10 winners will be announced during the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Article 12

Each winner will then be individually informed. If the participation in the contest has been organised at school or by any other kind of organisation, the institution will also be informed.

GreenBees shall have the right to publish details relating to the winner on the website, including without limitation details of their identity.

Article 13

GreenBees shall have the right to use the winning drawings for the profit of the association.

The participants in this contest authorize GreenBees association to use their drawings for any promotional or publicity purposes related to or in connection with the contest (including exhibiting or publishing the drawings). Each contestant acknowledges and agrees that by entering into this contest he or she will no longer have any copyright in his or her drawing and that it shall belong to GreenBees.

All the drawings entered into this contest will become and remain the property of GreenBees, which will be able to use them for the purpose of publicity and promotion.

While participating in the contest, the participants authorize the organisers to reproduce and use their drawings and to have their names identified alongside their drawings, without this entitling any of the participants to claim or request remuneration or any other advantage or benefit in connection therewith.

Article 14

The drawings will not be returned to the participants.

Article 15

The jury’s decision shall be absolute and final and will not be open to challenge.

Article 16

Participation in this contest will deem acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out in these articles.

Article 17

GreenBees shall have an absolute discretion to modify or terminate the contest at any time. It also has the sole and absolute right to interpret and determine the application of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 18

Pursuant to the Legal Privacy Policy, the participants have a right of access, modification, correction and cancellation of any personal data. The participants, their parents or legal tutor if they are minor, can exert this right, or show their opposition to any data-processing in writing to the association at 7 place Roger Salengro, 80800 Corbie.

These present Terms and Conditions are available on GreenBees’s website:, although in case of arbitration the only valid document shall be the “Règlement du Concours” published in French and also available on the website.

Made in Corbie, 31st January 2016.

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