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1st February 2015 - The third GreenBees grant rewards

For this third edition, we have decided to support three projects.

  • Picaresk: a trail featuring art, imaginary tales and history

Picaresk is an association which aims to promote the Picardie region’s folk culture. Picaresk invites you on a trail which will open your mind, offer contemplation of art, remind you of a tragic past and propose you a future of tolerance. This project is supported by local schools and town councils. Some sections of the trail are already completed, some other started but not yet completed for lack of finance.

The grant awarded by GreenBees will enable Picaresk to buy tools as well as plaques engraved with bilingual Picard/French information.

  • ‘Promesse Solidaire’: « Promesse Paraguay »

This project is motivated by the wish of all members to put solidarity into action. The impetus is to establish solidarity links beyond borders and break the silos of a world which seems ‘global’ only in name.

A primary objective is to establish contacts between children in Paraguay and in Bordeaux. This project also helps Paraguayan women who depend on their craft to make a living.

GreenBees has offered to help the young members of this association with their goal of “multi cultural exchange » and “international solidarity”. GreenBees will provide advice based on its own field experience and 4 years of partnership with SCD to send volunteers in international solidarity missions.

Follow « Promesse Paraguay » progress (in French)

  • AfricaFrance: road safety training

In 2014 a French group of young people got interested in road safety and mobility issues in developing countries. Their interest stemmed from reading a World Health Organization report on the subject. They worked with a group of young people in Cameroon over the internet on a manifesto entitled “youth and road safety in the world”.

A trip to Cameroon organized in July 2014 by « Jeunesse Solidarité Internationale » enabled the two groups to meet and produce together a series of video clips.

This year, the two groups will meet in France and continue their cooperation. The goal this time is to invite Cameroonian youngsters in France. They plan on building a roll over crash simulator. We see this project as a very smart opportunity to learn from each other’s culture while working on an utmost concrete subject!