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5th & 6th October 2013 - Kamishibai, an ongoing success

Once again, we had the opportunity to share our experience of using Kamishibai during the weekend of October 5 and 6, 2013 in Paris.

Participants included educators specialized in toddlers, ATD Fourth World volunteers and a student interested in bilingualism.

The group showed a great deal of enthusiasm with a solid appetite to build, create and master the Kamishibai tool. As usual, things went off to a slow start with everyone claiming “I don’t know how to draw!”. First attempts were hesitant but thanks to our modern era IPhone, tablets and some well-targeted searches, obstacles, which seemed insurmountable at first, were overcome and the creative process could begin.

In the end, the stories created on Sunday were very good. Here are some pictures highlighting the key moments of the weekend and the creativity of participants.

First try. Look how concentrated we are!

Story analysis: serious work in progress under Phuc supervision.

First show with the group drawings.

We have a great story. Well done team!

A sub group takes charge of images and music of the story written in the morning.

Another sub group works on an adaptation of “Little Yellow”.

Have a look a the kamishibais (in french):
- Goute avant de juger
- Les petites et grandes choses
- La malédiction d’Oujda
- Petit Jaune